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IPEVO IP-1 Interactive Pen for IW2 Interactive Whiteboard System

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Enjoy Multi-Pen Functionality on IW2!

In direct response to requests from teachers, the use of multiple pens is now supported on IW2. Up to two users can work together on the projected whiteboard surface. Write, draw, and annotate on the projected content at the same time for a truly collaborative learning environment, increased engagement, and better interactivity.

Make Sure the Lessons Never Stop

In a busy classroom, and particularly with younger students, Interactive Pens have a higher possibility to be misplaced or broken. Purchasing the IP-1 gives you the ability to replace your IW2’s Interactive Pen without purchasing an entirely new IW2.

Light and Ergonomic Design

IP-1 is short, light, and easy to hold and operate over long sessions so even the youngest learners can use it to learn, play games, and explore. And regardless of how IP-1 is held, the user will enjoy a solid, intuitive grip that's feels just as normal as holding a pencil due to its ergonomic design.

Light and Ergonomic Design

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