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  • Uplift Magnetic Multi-Angle Arm for iPhone 12 series and above

IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones

Part Number: 5-901-2-01-00
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IPEVO Uplift

Hold up your phone without holding up your phone.

Any angle you might need

Sturdy, multi-jointed arm, that allows quick adjustments of your camera’s angle without the unwanted image bobbing and wobbling.

From horizontal to vertical in a second

Rotating, adaptable smartphone holder lets you change the image orientation as you need and within a moment.

Stable metal base

Small footprint base made of solid metal delivers immediate stability and stays out of your creative space below the camera lens.

Go for the best experience

Pair Uplift together with the IPEVO iDocCam app and share your smartphone’s video feed onto a big screen, and more.

You can use iDocCam as a standalone app to view and adjust the live images captured by your smartphone's camera in the app itself. Or, you can use it together with IPEVO Visualizer software (installed on a computer or tablet) to turn your smartphone into a wireless document camera.

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