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IPEVO V4K PRO 120 4K USB Document Camera

Meet the IPEVO V4K PRO 120: Your compact, portable visual powerhouse. Boasting a wide 120° FOV, it effortlessly captures tabloid-sized documents. With a SONY CMOS sensor, 4K clarity, swift autofocus, AI noise reduction, and built-in lighting, it's the perfect partner for educators and professionals alike.
Part Number: 5-924-2-08-00
Your Price: $199.00
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A Portable 4K USB Document Camera With Tabloid Size Capture Range

3-in-1 Document Camera & Visualizer and Webcam
Elevate your lectures and presentations with real-time image capture. The 120° FOV lens effortlessly captures Tabloid/A3 size documents face down and flips up for high-definition PC camera use during web meetings.

3-in-1 Document Camera for Classroom, Home or Office Maximize desk space with the compact and foldable design, suitable for home, classroom, and office use. Ideal for remote education, classroom demonstrations, and engaging office presentations and web conferences.

Sony CMOS Sensor & 4K Resolution Delivering Stunning Video Quality with AI-Powered Noise Reduction for Clear Audio
Equipped with a SONY CMOS sensor and 4K resolution, V4K PRO 120 ensures exceptional visuals with stunning details, swift autofocus, and AI-Enhanced Voice Technology for crystal-clear audio. It's the perfect choice for educators and professionals seeking visual excellence and noise-free, natural-sounding voices.

Secure Multi-Jointed Stand for Versatile Shooting Angles
Easily adjust the camera for optimal capture; flip it up for webcam mode, a swift process. The sturdy stand provides versatile angles and quickly fixes loose joints with a simple coin turn.

Highly Portable with Built-in LED Light Whether you're on the go or setting up in different environments, its portability ensures you can carry it effortlessly. The integrated LED light elevates your visual experience, guaranteeing clarity and brightness. An ideal companion for educators and professionals seeking convenience and top-notch performance.