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  • IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera
  • Fast focusing speed. Minimal interruptions.
  • Newly designed multi-jointed stand. A simple fix for loose joints.
  • Capture ultra high definition live images with 8 MP camera.

IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera

The Premier Presentation Tool. Compatible with Mac, PC and Chromebook.
Part Number: 5-880-4-01-00
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8MP camera captures ultra high definition images

The camera captures high definition resolutions up to 3264 x 2448, perfect for live presentations, scanning books, magazines, documents, QR codes, OCR text or archiving photos.

Newly designed multi-jointed stand

We ensured V4K has the versatility to capture materials at different heights and angles, but the joints may become loose from heavy daily use. We’ve added a bolt to each of the connecting joints that you can tighten simply by turning the respective bolt clockwise with a coin.

Newly designed multi-jointed stand

High frame rate at high resolutions for silky-smooth live streaming

Latency is a thing of the past. Enjoy high resolution at high frame rates. You can now stream at up to 30fps at full HD, or 15fps at the highest resolution of 3264 x 2448.

Enhanced performance in dimly-lit environments

The Sony CMOS image sensor provides exceptional noise reduction and color reproduction in dimly-lit surrounding. You won’t be getting distorted colors or pixelated images in darkened classrooms or conference rooms.

Enhanced performance in dimly-lit environments

Fast focusing speed, minimal interruptions

Fast focusing speed minimizes interruptions when you’re switching between different materials at high resolutions. This is useful when you're moving between different materials.

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