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VOCAL Assistant Pro - 1-year license

VOCAL Assistant, an AI-powered voice-to-text software, offers unlimited real-time translation, content summarization, and AI chat. Enjoy comprehensive audio and text recording with proofreading features. Access various summary templates, support rapid language addition and experience high scalability. Ideal for users in Education, Writing, Medical Care, Interviews, and Podcasts. This purchase is for a non-refundable 1-year license of IPEVO VOCAL Assistant software.
Part Number: S-001-0-08-20
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Please pay attention to the following information:Digital Purchase and License Delivery: The VOCAL Assistant software license is available exclusively via digital purchase. The license key will be sent to your email upon purchase confirmation.No Refund Policy: It is important to note that the purchase of the digital license is final and non-refundable.License Renewal: Licenses for VOCAL Assistant are subject to expiration. To continue using the software after the expiry of a license, you must obtain a new license code.Device Limitation: Each license code is limited to activating VOCAL Assistant on one device.Activation Process: Follow the step-by-step guide within the app to activate your license.Additional Information:

  1. For detailed information about system requirements, supported languages, and other features, visit the VOCAL Assistant product page.
  2. The IPEVO Software End User License Agreement applies.
  3. For more information or support, please contact [email protected].