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IPEVO Presenter Software for Document Cameras Now Features Chrome and Chromebook Support

October 22, 2014

Presenter and IPEVO document cameras offer educators and businesspeople a way to capture material such as documents, artwork, 3D objects and devices with screens. Through Presenter, real-time images are displayed on the computer and can then be transmitted to a connected projector for classroom and conference room presentations. Presenter is compatible with IPEVO's current line of document cameras including the Point 2 View, Ziggi, Ziggi-HD, iZiggi-HD(USB mode) and VZ-1 Dual-Mode doc cams.

Standard features on Presenter include a Live View of the real-time video feed; Full Screen mode to fill the entire screen for presentations; snapshot capture; a freeze function for freezing the current image; Review mode for managing snapshots; and various tools to change digital zoom and resolution.

Chrome support comes as a follow-up to a major recent software update which introduced a totally redesigned interface and additional tools like integrated video recording. Users of the standard version of Presenter will find that only a few things have changed in the streamlined version for Chrome and Chromebooks. Due to system limitations, a handful of features needed to be downgraded or eliminated. The new 360-degree rotation feature is more limited on Chrome, and only four resolutions are available on the Chrome version. There are also no Interval Shooting or video recording features on Chrome.

"Through talking with educators, we realized that many schools are now using Chromebooks as part of their technology initiatives," said Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design for IPEVO. "We certainly didn't want to leave these Chromebook adopters out in the cold when it comes to getting the most out of IPEVO document cameras. We're pleased to bring the IPEVO Presenter experience to Chromebooks, a platform which educators and their students will surely continue to embrace and innovate."

The IPEVO Presenter app for the Google Chrome web browser and for Chromebooks is now available at no charge through the Chrome Web Store. The standard Presenter version is available at


IPEVO designs and sells innovative products to enrich today's connected lifestyle. We recognize the immense potential of new technologies to help people create, teach, learn, and inspire. From classroom to living room to conference room, IPEVO is dedicated to making technology more available, accessible, and affordable for all.

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